The Capabilities of Green Oil Libya

SEE PRESENTATON of Environmental Treatment Companies of Libya

With the equipment that Green Oil now has in Libya, we can and are permitted to treat, amongst others, the following solid, liquid and gaseous waste types:

  1. Oil sludge
  2. Oil tank bottoms
  3. Soil contaminated with oil or chemicals
  4. Ground water contamination
  5. Spent and outlawed pesticides
  6. Spent and outlawed chemicals
  7. POPs
  8. PCBs
  9. Equipment and soil contaminated with PCBs
  10. Halogenated substances
  11. Gases
  12. Oil water mixtures and emulsions
  13. Medical waste and expired medicines
  14. Waste organic solvents
  15. Waste acids and bases
  16. Drilling waste and cuttings
  17. Ion-exchange resins
  18. Produced water
  19. Soil and ground water by Bio-Microbial Treatment

In addition, Green Oil can perform studies and provide advice for treatment of contamination, and do Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and Baseline Studies.

Techniques and Procedures Applied by Green Oil Libya for Waste to be Treated

  • Sampling of Waste
  • Laboratory Testing and Analysis
  • Transporting as required
  • Storage and Transfer
  • Reception of Waste
  • Treatment (Separation, Recovery, Destruction or Bio-Remediation)
  • Environmental Restoration of Contaminated Sites
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