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GREEN OIL LIBYA:  The Permanent Solution to Your Hazardous Waste Problems

Green Oil Libya, aiming to clean and protect the environment, has acquired and modified to their specifications one of the biggest Mobile High Temperature Hazardous Waste Desorption and Oxidation Systems ever built, which has been brought to Libya and installed in Assbea, 70 km south of Tripoli.

Green Oil Libya's plant is permitted to operate anywhere in Libya, and treating all types of hazardous waste.

Green Oil Libya's High Temperature Thermal Desorption and Oxidation System, operating at 1200C (2200F), is the only installation in Libya (and in Africa) that is permitted to handle all hazardous waste types.

SEE VIDEO of the Desorber/Oxidizer operations.

Libya is a signatory to the Basel Convention, which regulates hazardous waste movements between nations. The Convention is based on the following principals:

  • The Proximity Principal (PP), which states that any waste shall be treated as close to the generation point as possible, and prohibits export of hazardous waste to other countries when the waste can be treated nationally. Any waste export has to be approved by the exporting as well as the importing countries’ Environmental Authorities, by official stamps and signatures in a document called Transfrontier Movement Notification.
  • The Polluter Pays Principal (PPP), which states that whoever causes pollution shall pay for all the clean-up costs.
  • The Generator Liability, (GL), which states that the Generator always carries the responsibility for the waste he generates, even after it has been transferred to another party.

Green Oil Libya can arrange for Trans Frontier Movement Documentation as well as Transportation in accordance with international laws.

Green Oil Refinery at Night
Green Oil's Recycling Facilities  (click photo to enlarge)

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